Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Do It Yourself / Homemade Aquaponics - Hydroponics Grow Light Fixture

I thought I would share a quick video how to I made. I was in need of some new lighting for the Aquaponic Basement Garden and did not want to pay hundreds of dollars just for grow light fixtures. I decided I would make them myself using some air conditioning duct, threaded rods and some cheap parts from the lighting section at the local hardware store. The results were great and here is a video on how I made the grow lights. 


  1. I recently found your blog. I too have an aquaponic setup in my basement.

    I recently noticed what appears to be - hopefully not - black mold forming just above the water line in the fish tank (trash can). Any suggestions?

    I can't take the risk of black mold growing in my basement.


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